Milton Simpson 
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From Fort Dix to Korea: A Photobook 1951-1953

In 3 sections: Basic Training and Assignments, Going Overseas, Korea and My Activities

With about 200 snapshots in this book, there is still a lot more stuff that 
is not included. Many untold stories like:

The time I won 10 cases of beer in a safety slogan contest and had the beer 
sent to “Entertainment House-No.1” in Pusan, South Korea 

The time the Army wanted me to test drive a heavy truck. I messed 
up the gears/clutch (?), and the truck went to the repair shop.

The time when I was away from the compound, a Second Lieutenant chewed me out for not saluting him and for wearing “low quarters” (shoes) instead of combat boots.

The time I traveled up north on a Hospital Train to YungDungPo (near Seoul) to see 
my first “ skivvy show”.

The time guys returning from the front lines told us about intentional shootings of Second Lieutenants.

The time after coming back from Korea and being put on guard duty to guard a 
vacant bakery building, I left my rifle under a bunk bed in the Musicians Barracks at Fort Dix, New Jersey and took off to make some phone calls.